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Duane Moss Conservation Scholarship

The Terry Soil & Water Conservation District offers the Duane Moss Scholarship to graduating seniors in Terry County who are interested in majoring in ag-related degree and/or pursuing an ag-related career. The scholarship is not confined to only those involved in agriculture, but preference shall be given to those applicants meeting all requirements who are choosing agriculture related fields as their career path. The funds are to reimburse the college of the student's tuition, fees, and/or books in the amount not to exceed the total specified sum.
The Duane Moss Conservation Schoarship will be in the amount of $2,000 to be paid in incremets of $250 per semester for a total of eight semesters.



Current Scholarship Recipients:
2018- Meagan Fails         2017- Kamryn Cruz        2017- Danae Steiger
2018- Conner Faught      2017- Jasmine Fields
2018- Hunter Neill           2017- Kayleigh Forbes   
2017- Jordan Conner      2017- Rafael Gonzales

Click Here for 2016 Application

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