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Conservation Teacher of the Year

The Terry Soil & Water Conservation District selected Tammi Bell as the Conservation Teacher of the Year.
Tammi graduated from Sands High School in Ackerly Texas, She went to South Plains College and Lubbock Christian University. She began her teaching career  1984.  Currently, she is teaching  4th and 5th grade science at Meadow Elementary.   Tammi hopes that her students will be able to say that that she was a positive influence on their life, and that she cared about them as a person and modeled what she believed in.
Tammi helped her school to host and  participated in the District's 'Birds, Bugs, & Buffalo' outdoor classroom, 'Kids, Kows, & More', Farm Tour For Kidz and Terry's Poster Contest.
Tammi feels that today's students need to realize that if they do not learn how to help conserve our natural rescources, that thier future may not have the conveniences that they enjoy today. She says that conserving what natural resources we have by being conscious of preserving our water, soil, grasslands, and energy is what conservation means to her. 
Tammi grew up on a farm where her dad was a cotton farmer and knows the importance of conservation. 
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